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Visit Djerba

Beaches, Desert, Museums, Excursions

At 500 square metres, the island of Djerba is the largest in North Africa and is joined to the mainland by a long bridge of Roman origins. Defined by many as the pearl of the Mediterranean, Djerba enjoys a mild, pleasant climate all year round and offers a warm crystalline sea with long stretches of white sandy beach.

Djerba is an island waiting to be discovered. It is famous for its picturesque villages lined with small blue and white houses surrounded by fields of date palms and ancient olive trees.

The location is also famous for its Arab and Berber inspired craftsmanship and the traditional cuisine - the best-known dish being cous cous!  Not forgetting the famous sand bread and traditional mint tea. Thanks to its direct connection to the mainland, Djerba also offers excursions to the Sahara desert and the Tunisian hinterland.

Our staff is at your disposal to organise trips and help you plan excursions and hire cars or equipment. Please contact us for more information.

Local places to visit

Djerba Golf Club - 5,8 km.

Only 10 minutes' drive from the villa, Djerba Golf Club offers fans of this sport a beautiful 27-hole golf course set between dunes and palm trees just a short walk from the sea.
 The club offers a well-kept environment and the opportunity for private golf lessons. For more information, visit the official website: click here.
Our staff is at your disposal to organise and/or book activities at the Djerba Golf Club, including a return shuttle service.

Beaches - 4 km.

A few minutes by car we find the most beautiful beaches of Djerba. Midoun is famous for its golden beaches and for having been one of the first tourist towns on Djerba: it is still the island's principal tourist centre.
 Midoun offers the visitor colourful little streets lined with shops, colourful ceramics, local crafts and last but not least the scents and flavours of the traditional cuisine. A few kilometres from Dar Cirine are the beaches of La Seguia and the Taguermess lighthouse.



Lalla Hadria - 2,3 km. 

A beautiful museum with an incredible collection of Islamic art, in 15 galleries.


De Guellela - 22,6 km.

Museum dedicated to the traditions of Djerba: typical costumes, ceramics, crafts and activities.


Djerba Explore Park - 2,2 km.


One of the largest crocodile farms on the continent, it is home to more than 400 of these reptiles. The park also has a traditional village, shops and cafes. An ideal place to spend a pleasant, relaxing afternoon.

Ghriba Synagogue - 21 km.


In the centrally-located town of El Ghriba, you can visit the beautiful Jewish synagogue, which dates back to the first Diaspora, making it the oldest in Africa. The building has stunning architecture and stained-glass mosaic decorations.

Erriadh - 20,5 km


Next to the synagogue is the village of Erriadh, which still maintains the urban structure of the early Jewish settlements with the typical houches. Recently many of these buildings been restored and today the village is the home of a European community. For several years now, during the Djerbahood event, more than 200 street artists (some of them world-famous) have been invited to free-paint the walls, turning the village into an open-air museum.

Excursions: Tunisia

Tatouine - 131 km.


From Djerba, in 4x4 vehicles you can reach the city of Tatouine, an ancient Berber stronghold with unique architecture, formed of the ksour (ancient barns) which over time became fortresses used to defend the city.
 For the dog lovers among you, Tatouine is also famous for having been the film set of several scenes from the Star Wars saga.

National Parks Sidi Toui and Jebil - 146 km.


The national parks of Toui and Jebil lie beyond the lakes of Kirchaou Samar and Qasr Mehhiri, in the interior of Tunisia. The scenery is varied, ranging from plains and low dunes to evocative desert landscapes and sand drifts as high as 200 m. The parks cover an area of over 1550 km!

Douz - 275 km.

Douz, which has always been considered the gateway to the Sahara, is the city that once housed the region's largest oasis. Since ancient times, this has been the departure point for expeditions to discover the Sahara ... Every year, Douz is the venue for the famous "Sahara Festival", an event that takes tourists on a discovery of the ancient traditions of the Berber populations. It really is a must-see!