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Marco, an entrepreneur came on vacation to Djerba twenty years ago and is still there there.He built nine Villas in Tezdaine, today the most prestigious touristic area, and renovated nine houses in Erriadh, the traditional and typical village of Jewish origin from the 3rd century BC.Dar Cirine is his private home that he rents out occasionally and selectively at certain times of the year. He speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish


Insaf after obtaining the BAC moved to Tunis to attend the Art courses of the University but she returned to Djerba and began to collaborate with Marco.Ten years later she is responsible for all his activities on the island, both from an administrative and a managerial point of view. She takes care of the management of Dar Cirine, the reception and assistance of guests. She speaks French and Arabic but she also gets along with Italian and English.

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